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good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. it is the worst case scenario, 19-year-old alyssa burn was found dead. her family and community in petaluma is in shock and tears. the teenager has been missing since following a new year's eve music following in south shore. kimberly tere is at the family home had in pet law ma. we begin with monte francis who returns from south lake tahoe. >> it is with deep regret we announce we have recovered the body of alyssa burns. >> reporter: a high snow bank obstructed the view of searchers for three days until this morning a utility worker in an elevated truck saw the body of 19-year-old alyssa burns. her friends who had accompanied her to the three day snow globe
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music festival, it was the worst news possible. >> that's what everyone is worrying about. >> reporter: friends say she liked to wander off by herself and investigators say the road where her body was found lies between the horizon hotel where she was stay iing and the conce venue. >> at this time in their investigation they do not see any outward signs of trauma. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says it's likely she was among the many concert goers who decided to walk back from the concert. because the line for the shuttle buses was too long. that seems a contradictive statement from a friend who investigators say was the list to see her alive. alex said he ran into her at the hotel after mnight new year's day and that she was intoxicated or under the influence of some kind of drug. investigators now say alex was probably mistaken, but they haven't complete ly discounted his story. >> it's possible that she goes to the casino, returns to the
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event and comes back. those are all theories we'll look into. >> reporter: i spoke to that witness by phone this morning and he told me, quote, i'm absolutely sure i saw her at the hotel between 12:30 and 1:00. i think the sheriffs are lying. they won't even show me the tapes. i mean, how do you fall asleep in a snow bank when it's 10 degrees outside? investigators say that tweets alyssa said do not appear to have factored into her death and we're told an autopsy determined the cause of death could take up to a month. live in lake tahoe tonight, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. for certain it's a tragic end for the family. her father, who was in lake tahoe doing what he could to help with the search is back at the home in pet aluma. kimberly tere with the coverage.
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>> reporter: the family spoke to us very briefly today. they're a tight-knit group and as you can imagine they say they're just trying to come to terms with this incredible loss. in the small town of petaluma, friends and family are gathering at alyssa burns' home to pay their respects. >> she can make anyone happy. >> alyssa was very strong, a very confident young lady who had career in mind and it's just tragic. it's just tragic what's happened to her. >> reporter: loved ones found out the 19-year-old was found dead in a snow bank in lake tahoe. >> her life ended way too soon. >> reporter: she was with friends when she disappeared monday night. >> obviously very distraught at this moment as well as the whole family is. we didn't expect this outcome, but we are going to deal with it now as best we can.
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>> i just want to thank the entire community and the town of petaluma and the town of tahoe and the police department and law enforcement for everything they've done and for everyone's help and support. we really appreciate it. we will get through this as a family. >> reporter: in an hour from now a vigil is set to begin here at the high school, her alma mater. it's not known yet whether her family will be here but we are expecting a large crowd n. petaluma, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> so sad. thank you very much, kimberly. of course we continue 0 our coverage on our website. we posted all of our stories and images related to the investigation on new at 6:00, a $20 million secret fund. that's what the state attorney general says was maintained for years by california's parks and recreation department. the report released today says the highest level park administrators were afraid that lawmakers would cut the
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department's budget if they revealed the fund's existence. the hidden fund was started in 1987 by a former deputy director and subsequently bosses from there kept it a secret. it was kept for more than a decade growing as high as $29 million in 2003. the park's director was fired last year continues to deny that shea did not know about the money. none of it, though, was stolen or misspend. yes, san jose is dry now. that's about to change. jeff ranieri joins us with a preview of the weekend forecast. at first we thought it was one day of rain, jeff. now more? >> mother nature is going to drag her feet. it looks like it will be lingering over both days of your weekend but not expecting widespread rainfall saturday and sunday. no rainfall inside on the doppler radar. we move offshore and you can see a decent trough of moisture in the pacific. it's right now about 558 miles away.
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some of the moisture that will be affecting us. on the water vapor imagery, in the mid levels of the atmosphere, that zone of green, some of the heaviest water content, heading up to canada, washington and oregon. for us you can see a lot less when it comes to the water content so it's going to bring us rainfall but it's not going to be as strong as the storms we had in december. that's some good news because the ground is so saturated. looking at a quarter to a half inch as we head throughout as early as saturday afternoon. so take that umbrella and also your jacket as you head out for saturday and also for parts of sunday. the other thing is winds. anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour for sunday morning and sunday afternoon may bring down a few trees. it could bring down more trees. we'll have your full weekend forecast coming up and we'll let you know the exact time line of when it moves in and out in the forecast.
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two teenagers accused of a crime that left a woman dead are fighting the charges. today 18-year-old cody pled not guilty. investigators say the teenagers broke into the home of barbara lachley. they are accused of stealing money, guns and jewelry, choking her to death and setting her on fire. >> an angry george gascon is vowing to prosecute a man to the full extent of the law. that teenaged driver is accused of a deadly crash while being chased by police. he made his first court appearance today. david morales, a known gang member, is accused of killing two people during that crash. one died in the car. the other was a pedestrian walking into a liquor store. the case illustrates an important message for gang members and to their parents.
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>> you need to take a more active role very early on. any sign of gang involvement, 10, 11, 12, 14, should be to really pay attention and get more involved in your kids' life to ensure that by the time they get to be 17, 18, and 19 they don't end up going to prison after hurting someone else. >> gascon says morales was on probation at the time of the crash for gang activity in san mateo. bail set at $10 million. if convicted he faces 200 years in prison. the family of a man accused in the san jose vigilante case says he was only trying to do the right thing. ruiz hernandez stood before the judge today. police say he shot and killed a suspected burglar on new year's eve. nbc bay area's davidmian trujir joins us with the latest. >> reporter: he could spend the
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rest of his life in prison if convicted of murder. his family says he was only trying to help people who couldn't help themselves. shackled and in the red jail jumpsuit, hernandez officially heard the charge against him. murder. >> really just blown away about the whole sken cenario of thing that took place. >> reporter: mike rodriguez, his pastor at hernandez's old church. >> i was a youth pastor and he was helping me with the youth that i was working with. did a wonderful job. >> reporter: court records allege he shot and killed the man he suspected was a serial burglar, chris soriano. documents show hernandez was frustrated police were doing nothing about the rash of burglaries at the summer breeze apartments. police also say hernandez tried to stop soriano when he spotted him at the complex and detain him until police arrived. that's when the gun went off. >> i believe he did something.
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he just did it the wrong way. >> reporter: albert martinez is the grandfather of hernandez's son. your reaction the word vigilante is being used? >> i see it as trying to help those who can't help themselves. >> reporter: police say hernandez rae morsefully admitted to the shooting saying he only wanted to make a citizen's arrest. >> the key to the case is selecting the jury. >> reporter: former prosecutor steven clark says the jury might go for a voluntary manslaughter conviction not murder. >> a lot will not be sympathetic with the victim here. they may say you rip off people at your own risk. if you want to be a thief and a burglar, you're going to run the risk that someone is going to take deadly force to stop you from doing that. >> reporter: as his family eagerly awaits the outcome, hernandez sits in a jail cell with no bail. hernandez's family says they, too, partially blame the police cutbacks for the shooting. they say if police were
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proactive about the burglaries, the shooting may never have happened. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, they're the weapons used in some of the nation's deadliest mass shootings. but california's crackdown isn't keeping them out of this state. a reality of the restrictions coming up in our reality check. and from the bay area to mars, we'll show you how local researchers are working on the next way to explore the red planet. and it is a project that will alter the bay area landscape. when you'll be able to see the bay bridge transformed into a true life display. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center tracking some cold weather for parts of the bay area. more milder down in san jose with 52 degrees and, yes, the cold weather will take a back seat to the rain this weekend. i'll have the time line in that full forecast.
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they're accused of killing a tech investor in his own mansion and the three men made their first appearance together. but none of the men acknowledged each other in court in any way. we are joined live with the latest from the high-profile case. >> reporter: today the suspects basically waived the maximum time in which to have a preliminary hearing. in effect, speeding up the process in which to enter a plea. and it was the first time all three were in a courtroom at the same time. javier garcia, lucas anderson, and 21-year-old deangelo austin did not acknowledge each other or make any gestures towards one another. >> they want to distance themselves from each other because obviously the d.a. is going to want to show this was a group endeavor so that body language would have been very important to monitor. >> reporter: the men are accused of killing robby kumra last year. they allegedly broke into his
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mansion, killed kumra and beat his ex-wife. prosecutors say the men stole collectible coins, jewelry and cash. but a connection between the suspects, their motive and the manner in which kumra was killed is still not being revealed. >> we simply tell you the case is still under investigation and at this time we are not in a position to say anything further. sorry? >> i don't think the police want to tip their hand as the only people that could be involved in the case. i think they are taking the right approach and keeping the investigation alive. >> reporter: during today's proceedings the attorney asked that her client not be shown in front of news cameras. the judge denied her request. >> they want to ensure any identification that's made in all likelihood by mr. kumra's wife is done on the basis of what she remembers from the indent not what she has seen on tv and in the report. >> reporter: together all three suspects will be in one murder trial. >> it's one jury that you don't have to put all the same officers and witnesses and so
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forth three times. so for judicial economy, you try them all together. >> reporter: and the three suspects are scheduled to enter their pleas on february the 4th. a fourth suspect, 22-year-old raven dixon, she was not in court today. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. a new federal investigation reveals the fire at chevron's refinery may have accidentally been ignited by firefighters. the company says chevron firefighters responded to reports of a small leak in a 40-year-old pipe. photos from the investigation are showing something unexpected, apparently where the pipe failed, punctured from the outside. investigators say the damage could have happened accidentally as firefighters tore away the insulation. >> it is the end of an era for a high school football program in the east bay. after more than three decades and a historic 151-game winning
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streak, bob lattimore announced he is stepping down as head coach of the famed football team. his legacy and the future of football at the concord catholic school. >> reporter: as de la salle, an institution that excels in education and athletic achievement. the football program a shining example of evidence for decades and after over three decades as the head football coach, the community came together as he steps aside as head coach. >> it is an ending for me but also somewhat of a beginning. it's everything that has been my life and people ask me, what am i going to do now? i really don't know what i'm going to do now. i'm going to be here teaching and i'm going to be here helping in any way that i can. >> reporter: and there's something important to note that you get a sense of when you're here on the campus.
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with all of the success of the football program over the years, the display of that success is very understated. a small hallway houses the trophy be cabinet, the spoils of success hardly the point. they're actually a bit hidden. more prominently on display, reminders of great teams and players like amani toomer and taylor. also stand-up people in part for having spent time in their formative years with an extraordinary coach. >> i've enjoyed every minute of it. and i couldn't have asked for a better career, a better life, and i couldn't have asked for a better school to work in. >> reporter: the all time winningest football coach, the grass was never greener than it is at de la salle. and the impact he had on individuals has no bounds. >> i have no regrets. if i had to do it all over again, i would do it exactly the same. thank you. >> amazing what he has done. we are touched by the outpouring of support.
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tonight a special thank you for your generosity. we have some updated numbers now on our nbc bay area holiday food drive. we've been talking about it the last couple of months and you all turned out in a big way. it was held at the 154 safeway stores and many of us had the pleasure of seeing a lot of you in person during the drive. i was at men had lo park, jeff ranieri in san francisco. all the food wept to local food banks and there was a lot of it. this year's food drive brought in nearly twice as much food as last year. all of which went to help those in need. >> it went great. we sold more than 100,000 bags which equaled over 700,000 pounds of food to our food bank partners throughout the bay area. >> an impressive number and we are grateful for all of your help and, you know what, our calendar is already booked. we're going to do it again next year. >> i know. it's impressive. i think our number was 158,000
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dou donated bags which is amazing, wonderful. and, jeff, i know you were out there pushing those bags. >> i know, i know. people are still generous out there 20 not only grab one but a handful in cases and loaded them up. thank you as we just heard there. let's go look at the highs today. it stays on the cold side back in the east bay and the north bay is expecting that morning temperatures that were in the 20s and 30s, had a hard time warming up. 55 in livermore, also 56 in concord. a little bit more milder, though, in the south bay. 65 in gilroy. also 60 in san jose. felt a lot better out there for you today. meanwhile, down in the south bay we are tracking some low 50s in san jose, campbell and two of the cold spots. let's take you outside to the live hd network. it tgif. down here in san jose, no storm activity now. what you are seeing is all of the haze. high pressure compressing all of the dirt particles down to the surface giving us moderate air quality.
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there's palo alto. plenty of concerns with the most recent storm systems and that's going to be a concern for folks who live out there no matter what when we get rainfall out of all this season. with this storm system, it will be weaker so that's some good news for those of you in palo al it to. so here comes our storm. we've been tracking this all week. it looks like it would take the track down the coastline. slightly more inland so that had will boost up our expected rainfall totals to a quarter to a half inch so take the jacket for saturday and also early sunday. then the big change in our forecast today is the rain has sped up in terms of its time line. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow the cloud cover. expected to be dry. brain spreads from the north bay down to the south bay so we get an earlier run on this rainfall. we'll get a little bit of sun in
6:22 pm
here for the morning with that cloud cover mixed in and then there comes that rain as we mentioned throughout the afternoon hours. not going to be wet for the entire weekend. a few lingering showers on sunday and then some sunshine by the afternoon on sunday and here comes more dry weather as we head into monday. we're also getting some sierra snow. we talked about how much snow was up there. a lot of the ski resorts, 120 inches at squaw valley and now in the northern sierra at 137% of normal. lets you know how much we could pick up later on in the full forecast. raj and jess? >> lots of snow behind jeff in that forecast. snowing in the studio. it's a delivery 75 years in the making. the criminal investigation leading to the return of a family valuable. >> and rewriting history when nancy pelosi is defending a photograph. >> and the discovery creating a lot of buzz all the way from mars. why this image is stirring up speculation. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. some bay area scientists working with nasa upstaged the
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mars rover. they have a new way to explore the red planet. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here to take us into space. >> we're going to go far, far away, raj. a couple of cool stories tonight. first, the kind of picture that sends space fans speculating an internet traffic skyrocketing. this is one of the recent images spotted by the curiosity rover and sent back here to earth. it's a petal shaped cluster which has some thinking it might be a flower. others say it looks more like quartz. now back in october a similar picture turned out to be a piece of plastic that fell off the rover. while the current mars rover is cool, imagine a new model that could hop around mars. it's something innasa is workin on with stanford university. we cheered along with nasa when the curiosity rover landed on mars.
6:26 pm
but imagine a few toor where when we get to the red planet we can explore it much faster with a new rover being called the hedge hog designed to work in the low gravity martian atmosphere. >> advantage of the fact we have very little gravity and this is where we can hop and carry a lot of distance without having to roll over as we do traditionally with the mars rover. >> reporter: a joint project between nasa's jet propulsion lab and stanford university, the hedge hog may resemble a special effect but it is destined to be about the most mobile thing in the universuniverse. >> only to hop but also to tumble. >> reporter: the more we know about mars the faster we or something can visit mapping the martian surface with the hedge hog rover is likely five to ten years away. even the project itself has
6:27 pm
people thinking about what's next. >> the possibility of dreaming of the future as in the case of a hedge who go and build a prototype is very exciting. >> reporter: and maybe a futuristic way to get around. oos usual with this kind of project, don't hold your breath to the launch date. the fact it's being worked on, we'll be taking a closer look at mars within a decade or so. jessica and raj? >> fascinating, isn't it? >> it really is. a project 70 years in the making, the sweeping new changes to the food safety policy. >> california claims to be tough on guns, so why is it still so easy to buy assault-style weapons? we check the facts on the state's restrictions. and i'm janelle wang. a special visit to newtown, connecticut, a former congresswoman gunned down in another massacre offered comfort to the victims of sandy hook. and a young pakistani girl who became an instant symbol of hope and courage after being shot by the taliban takes some
6:28 pm
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the buzz about the fiscal cliff is behind us. what's the next hot topic? the polarizing and bitter debate about assault weapons. a federal ban could be reinstated. >> it is a measurement that looks like one already on the books in california, though. in tonight's reality check, stan brock shows us whyc california' assault weapons ban, arguably the toughest in the country, may not be that restrictive after all. >> ar-15, are the weapons associated with several recent mass shootings, are essentially banned outright in california. yet i can go on the internet right now and purchase a variation that's similar in both power and accuracy. now how can that be? >> i will administer the offense of office. >> reporter: congressional members barely started the session and ten bills dealing
6:31 pm
with gun control were already filed. some already in place in california like a ban on most firearms described as assault weapons. >> there is no question of a doubt that california is the most gun controlled state in the country. >> reporter: despite arguably the toughest laws in the nation, i was able to sit at my computer, google ar-15 california and come up with this, a website i could purchase ar-15sc california legal. we asked robert to explain this phenomenon. >> the problem with it, it's a problem with most assault weapons bans, it is really, really complicated. you need a p had hd in weaponry sometimes to understand what weapons are covered and what aren't. >> reporter: to break it down for the lay person, this is an ar-15 variant available at your local gun shop.
6:32 pm
that's legal because it contains a bullet button. you have to use a tool like a bullet or even a pen making it harder to reload. these descriptions are basically the only thing that separate the legal guns from the illegal ones. >> it isn't that it's hard to get around the characteristics. these characteristics when the laws were passed were the ones the legislature wanted to control the most. >> reporter: people from l.a. to new york swoop in to buy weapons ahead of action -- >> gun sales have gone crazy. ammunition, again, you can't get it. >> reporter: even a federal ban may look a lot like california's which is to say there are plenty of ways around it. >> i don't think you're going to have a perfectly successful law in this regard unless you make it more draconian than is politically feasible.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: there's a dialogue going on across the country about whether access should be blamed for deadlier, more frequent mass shootings. it's a separate discussion entirely. for those who think a gun ban will reduce the availability of high-powered weapons, if california is any example, that outcome is extremely unlikely. sam brock, nbc way area, back to you. >> it was freezing cold, one of house minority leader nancy pelosi's excuses for an altered photograph. this one of 61 congresswomen, the largest number in history, taken thursday after new members were sworn in. four house members, though, arrived late and were not included in the original photo. they were fphoto shopped in. pelosi admitted to it and said it shouldn't be that big of a deal. >> it's a record of who the democratic women of congress are. it is an accurate record that it was freezing cold and our
6:34 pm
members had been waiting a long time for everyone to arrive and had to get back into the building to greet constituents' family members to get ready to go to the floor. it wasn't like we had the rest of the day to stand there. >> despite questions about the historical accuracy of the photograph, pelosi said the photo reflects the nation's diversity and included women from every community and every religious faith. a big day for a young pakistani girl shot by the taliban nearly three months after being targeted for promoting education for girls, she is released. >> she still has a long way to go in terms of recovery but today was a significant day. the young girl was discharged from her hospital in england. she became an international symbol of courage after she was shot by the tal banl for promoting education for young gils. shortly after the attack, she was flown from pakistan to england to treat the gunshot wound to her head. doctors called her recovery a
6:35 pm
me miracle but she still has to undergo reconstructive surgery. there's a petition circling calling for her to receive the nobel peace prize. a sign of unity in the gaza strip today as hundreds of thousands of palestinians rally for the fatah political party. today marks 48 years since the group was founded by the late yasser arafat. it's also the first fatah celebration since hamas ousted them from power in 2007. hamas actually approved this rally, a sign that tensions are easing between palestinian factions. but just to the north, the civil war rages on. neighboring turkey to help protect its ally from incoming syrian missiles. in recent months the serial army has lawn pd attacks against rebels of cities near the border. some of those missiles have crossed over. the u.s., germany and the netherlands deployed troops and defense missile systems to the border to help turkey intercept any incoming missiles.
6:36 pm
help is finally on the way after a controversial delay this week. the house passed the first of a two-part aid package to help victims of superstorm sandy. >> all those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. >> the package easily passed in the senate this afternoon. president obama is expect ed to sign it. northeast lawmakers have been furious at the length of time it's taken to approve funding. it's been over two months since that storm hit. a symbol of strength and courage arrived in newtown, connecticut, today. gabrielle giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, met with the victims' families this afternoon. 20 students and six staff members were killed at sandy hook elementary. next tuesday will be the second anniversary of the tucson shooting massacre which left giffords partially blind and paralyzed. it's official, barack obama is our next president. today congress officially counted the electoral college votes. president obama captured 332,
6:37 pm
more than the 270 needed to win. as for the popular vote, obama also won with that. 51% of the vote. mitt romney with 47%. jess? >> thank you very much, janelle. still ahead, turning the bridge into a work of art. how crews are adding hundreds of thousands of lights to the bay bridge and when you can expect to see the final product. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a lot of frigid, clear nights and our air quality has suffered with moderate air quality but it will be improving over the next 24 hours especially in the south bay. what's going to improve it? unfortunately, rain for your weekend plans. i'll have the full time line in a few minutes. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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the food and drug administration has proposed new safety rules that could significantly reduce the number of foodborne illnesses here in the united states. this is the first major revamping of the fda in more than 70 years. mrfrs of food sold in the u.s. both domestic and foreign have to have now a written plan. how to prevent them. produce farmers will have to ensure their water and soil is clean and basic hygiene will be taught to workers. foodborne illnesses cause about 3,000 deaths a year. >> a daily civic police detective is getting credit for solving a very cold case. 74 years ago a newly married couple, mini and fred, sent this telegram to their san francisco
6:41 pm
family letting them know about their christmas eve wedding in reno. fred and minnie went on to become the parents of six daughters. last year a cuss sin found the telegram and sent it to one of the daughters but it never arrived. a detective found it while investigating a postal worker for stealing. a souvenir to remember their late parents by. that is going to be incredible. >> it's going to be a little wet. can we squeeze in anything tomorrow? >> some windows of haze. we'll track the rain for you. we'll let you know when it moves in and out in a few minutes. here on this cold day before the nfl's wild card weekend where the 49ers may have already earned that first-round bye in the playoffs but that does not mean they are on vacation. up next, we take you out to team headquarters in santa clara and
6:42 pm
show you how jim harbaugh's group is preparing to make a run at their sixth super bowl tigtl. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese...
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[ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store. check it out. that's a live look at the bridge. in early march it will turn into the largest lights display. more than that, right now crews are in the midst of hanging lights. joe rosato jr. along to check it
6:44 pm
out. >> reporter: on a moon lit night, the early hours of the morning. worke erers in the darkness. there's no routine maintenance or repairs going on. this operation solely in the name of art. honestly the first trip up is a little hairy. but after that, you get used to it. >> reporter: the electrician is among workers missly strapping 25,000 l.e.d. lights to the bridge cables for the bay lights project covering nearly two miles of the bridge using 100,000 feet of wire. >> it's actually exciting. something only a handful of people will ever be able to say they've done. >> reporter: the work is done late at night when a pair of bridge lanes can be closed. workers climb into metal buckets, pulled to the top of
6:45 pm
the cable. >> the cables are anywhere from one foot high to 240 feet high. so imagine you're standing on deck level now and you have to get 25 stories off. >> reporter: crews are racing to a march 5 deadline when the artist's vision will officially switch on. >> almost anyone can look at it and have a response. 15 million people will see it directly over two years. >> reporter: on december 5th, crews powered up the first batch of lights just to make sure everything is working. that small test sparked big anticipation of what's to come. >> from day one when this p project came, you always think about that moment and every day you get more excited. >> reporter: the 25,000 twinkling lights controlled by software. he describes it as a piece of fine art. >> the movement of water,
6:46 pm
traffic, any kind of movement, what i'm taking inspiration from. >> reporter: organizers say the work is 40% done. now as crews scale the frigid night far above the flowing traffic, there's a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel. in fact, 25,000. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> all those christmas lights on our house. >> maybe they can use those. jeff, what's the window to go walk the dog? >> a little bit in the morning for tomorrow and then we're going to have another window of sunshine, plenty of it coming our way. not a total washout here as we head into the upcoming weekend. right now it is sunny across the bay bridge or rather clear. the sun has already set. let's get that straight. dry up into the north bay, the peninsula and the east bay. by this time tomorrow that doppler radar will look a lot different. upper 40s and low 50s in the south bay. 48 in livermore.
6:47 pm
48 in concord. 48 in santa rosa. it's cold out here but numbers are going to plummet a lot less tonight than they have in the past couple of nights. we're going to see a lot less of those numbers below 32 degrees. let's bring you outside. here is palo al it to. a lot of traffic per normal on a friday night. many of those cars probably heading right up the peninsula, even into san francisco. here is our live shot there. and, yes, alcatraz in the mid part of your screen. if you're a tourist, we line things up for you. you take that ferry out. it's a good time. let's bring you back into the weather boards. our latest storm system sitting on the pacific. the jet stream has been a little bit tricky with the storm system. it looks like the overall storm track and the jet stream will dip a little bit more to the south. the storm system a little bit more power than it originally looked like earlier this week. we've been calling it a tricky storm. going to be so close to the
6:48 pm
coastline. looks as if right now it's going to do more towards an inland track. it's going to boost up our rainfall totals a quarter to a half inch. it's definitely going to get us some wet weather as we head throughout saturday and also sunday and also some wind 15 to 20 miles an hour. so this is the map that's really your best friend will be coming to some wet weather like this. it's our rain future cast and as we advance this, that rain will start to spread in as we head throughout the noon hour, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00. the rain time line has sped up. you can expect that rain again as early as tomorrow afternoon. we're going to find a chance of some lingering showers all the way through saturday evening out at 11:00 p.m. you have plans saturday night. you take that umbrella with you and of course you'll need a jacket. it will stay cold. as we head throughout sunday, we'll start off with a few showers at 7:00 a.m. and as we advance into 11:00 a.m., into the afternoon hours and sunday, we're going to have some dry wefrt, everything will push to the south and we'll even get
6:49 pm
some sunshine in here. it flip-flops. the best day on your weekend will be sunday at this point. overall up across the sierra not a big storm system, 2 to 4 inches, roadways will be slick. some winter conditions out there. but if you are heading that way, take it slow. as for tonight, it will be cold out here. that 39 in san jose, actually really should be for this time of the year. we've had so many winters we haven't had temperatures that cold. that 39 is extreme ly cold. again, par for the course for early january. 58 in los gatos. 59 in san jose for your saturday. also low to mid-50s. take your umbrella with you. with that said, chance of rain starting as early as the afternoon. 57 in san francisco. also 55s in napa. your three-day forecast, rain begins in the afternoon on saturday. also lingering into sunday morning. then we'll clear out by the afternoon for that sunshine. and some dry weather as we head into monday and also on tuesday.
6:50 pm
it's a win-win. we have some sun coming your way. >> walk the dog 5:00 p.m. tomorrow? >> no, in the morning tomorrow. sun dap in the afternoon. you need to focus. >> i love what you're wearing tonight. >> oh, thank you, jeff. >> she looks very nice. >> she does. >> remember when we did the food drive, it was raining that day. i remember. >> and i forecast it. a well dressed brodie brazil joins us now. hello, brodie. >> very nice. >> jessica, i also like what you're wearing, too. might as well throw it in. we are 30 days away from the super bowl, but right now the strength of the 49ers offense is their run game. san francisco finished the regular season ranked fourth in rushing and all five of their offensive linemen were named as pro bowlers or alternates but a big part of that unit's success are the book-end tackles.
6:51 pm
mindy bobbing has more on them from santa clara. >> the 49ers ran this misdirection play for the first time. >> michael james. >> it's plays like this that result in pro football focus naming staly the top tackle in the league. >> i don't think people realize how fast he is. i see him every day in practice. he can run with the best of them. he's super athletic. >> staly has always had a bit of speed but concentrating on his run blocking took priority this season. >> i feel my whole career, i want to be well-rounded. you have to use leverage to your advantage. being flexible, consistent, running your feet. little things that give you an advantage in the nfl. >> also, the league's second ranked run blocking tackle is also on the 49ers line, on the
6:52 pm
right, anthony davis. >> he's nasty. real nasty. just knows what he's doing. he's super strong. he doesn't miss any blocks, giving 100% effort and he's really aggressive. >> the team awarded davis the esteemed award given to the lineman who exemplifies dedication and excellence. the line is expecting to carry that as a unit deep into the playoffs. >> i think the thing that's great is it's so diverse. we can do so many different things, inside outside, quarterback runs, we're very diverse with the run game and plays to our advantage. >> reporter: the 49ers ran 167 run plays off left tackle or left end, 118 right up the middle and 97 off right end or right tackle and according to one nfl ranking service the 49ers ranked top eight in the league in all of those directional run plays n. santa clara, mindy bobbing, nbc bay area. mindy, that is great knowledge. and then there's this.
6:53 pm
today frank gore and michael crabtree were each fined $10,500 for throwing footballs into the candlesti candlestick park stands after scoring touchdowns in their regular season finale. the league considers it a fan safety issue as opposed to handing or tossing those pig skins to the spectators. super bowl xlvii will be seen on some other tv network so don't watch it. just kidding. if you do, there is one thing tv fans can all agree on, it is always entertaining to watch those very crafty commercials. cnn "money" is reporting this season a 30-second spot will cost an average of $4 million, up half a million from last year and, by the way, a new record high. while most of the ads were sold back in may of 2012, some can still be purchased, of course, for a higher price tag. this new story coming from "the new york daily news." jets head coach rex ryan apparently spotted on vacation with what appears to be a tattoo
6:54 pm
of his wife wearing the jersey of ryan's quarterback mark sanchez while tebowing, if you are familiar with that. no official word if that is permanent. one report states the coach has had it for quite some time. moving now to the hardwood where the warriors find themselves 12 games over .500 and off to their best start since the early '90s. one of the reasons is the calming influence of marc jackson who has his team believing in one common goal. >> for me guys will run through a wall when they realize you care about them. that's whether they make a shot or miss a shot. whether they're bawling or on the bench. i care about each one of these guys. when they believe that, you can tell them anything, and they'll do whatever you ask. >> all right. as we leave you, back to that super bowl commercial story,
6:55 pm
i've already proposed a $4 million promo for us. nbc bay area. it involves lamborghinis, unicorns and gangnam style. for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sports net central tonight at 10:30.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
that's it for us. >> enjoy the weekend. stay dry and if you're up at 11:00 we'll be back here.
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